Quantum Mouse - The New-Age Quantum Super-Hero Mouse

Quantum Mouse - The new Quantum Super- Hero has saved Schroedingers Cat!

"Faster than a speeding photon, more powerful than an atomic explosion, able to quantum leap across space-time in no time flat!"

      Quantum Mouse      

Quantum Mouse saves Schrodinger's cat and solves the quantum theory paradox!

Using Quantum entanglement spooky powers and super-luminal speeds, Quantum Mouse has saved Schrodingers cat from dying in the quantum box from the poison.  Quantum Mouse has saved the day, by stopping the photon and radioactive decay, he has quantum super-powers and stopped the geiger counter, he snuck into the box, released the poison, and found a solution to the paradox, he saved the cat, how about that!

Quantum Mouse     Quantum Mouse

Quantum Mouse has saved Schrodinger's Cat, and is the answer to the quantum paradox!


Quantum Mouse

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*QuantumMouse.com - Quantum Mouse Super-Hero Mouse Cartoon and Game is not related at all to the regular pc computer mouse.